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SIMPLIFY: A Simple Approach to Building a Sustainable Planned Giving Program

According to a study done by Decima Research, roughly 34 percent of those surveyed said they would consider including their favorite charity in their estate plans. So for every ten donors, three to four said they would be open to a conversation. Sadly, only 17 percent of those donors said that their favorite charity ever asked. Much of what holds people back from pursuing planned giving is that they see it as something complicated, taking a lot of time and way too much effort. Simplify provides a simple approach to planned giving, allowing you to get in the game and get results in a short amount of time. Through a blend of stories and real examples, the author touches on all the aspects of starting and sustaining a successful planned giving program. Joe’s conversational tone makes this an enjoyable read and is an essential tool for nonprofit leaders, board members and fundraisers.



Keeping it SIMPLE is how you grow Planned Giving

Bring these ideas into your workplace with the SIMPLIFY half-day WORKSHOP


Planned Giving does not have to be complicated. In this program we will look at FIVE key areas that — when simplified — can produce measurable results for all fundraising shops no matter where their planned giving program is currently. The key areas covered:

  1. Simplifying our strategy for pursuing planned gifts.
  2. Simplifying our messaging, how we speak to people about planned giving.
  3. Simplifying the conversation with our donors.
  4. Simple ways to identify and track planned giving opportunities.
  5. Simple marketing ideas

Learning Objectives for this Presentation:

Why don’t more donors make more planned gifts? One reason is that donors and fundraisers find the whole thing so complicated, daunting or time consuming. It’s our job as fundraisers to show donors how simple making a planned gift can be. We know that most planned gifts are the gifts anyone can make (beneficiary designations and appreciated stuff). This presentation will lay out the process of starting OR building a planned giving program in a way that’s simple, manageable, measurable and guaranteed to get results.

Presentation Overview:

The presentation is focused on improving effectiveness in FIVE key areas:

  1. Simplifying our strategy around planned giving. So many fundraisers complain they just don’t have the resources to pursue planned gifts. Joe will reveal practical ways to do more with less. Some fundraisers are afraid to bring it up to donors for fear of being asked a question they won’t be able to answer. Joe will show a simple approach that anyone can use, regardless of his or her experience.
  2. How we message planned giving. What do we say when we pick up the phone to set up a visit with a donor? How do we broach the subject of planned giving? How can we deliver a compelling message that motivates donors to want to learn more?
  3. Simplifying the conversation with the donor. It all starts with a thank you and a simple question of why they are so loyal? Joe will share an outline anyone can use to start a dialogue with the donor. He’ll also cite examples of questions that take the conversation to a much deeper level.
  4. Simple ways to identify and track planned giving opportunities. Loyal giving is a great place to start but it’s not enough. We’ll look at criteria for identifying our best planned giving prospects along with an easy system for tracking our conversations and creating a timeline.
  5. Simple Marketing ideas. Our marketing must be compelling, focused on the donor, and consistent. Joe will share the latest trends and best practices for marketing planned giving.

Regardless of a non-profit’s budget, Joe will share simple tactics that inspire donors to take action.

Praise for ``SIMPLIFY``

An AMAZON.COM reader says:

“Tumolo preaches what so many planned giving officers know but always manage to forget — just keep it simple!!

As a planned giving professional I appreciate the straight forward KISS approach to what is often a daunting area of fundraising. How difficult is it to call someone and say thank you for supporting my organization over the years? It isn’t and if we all just do as Simplify suggests, then maybe you too can feel more at ease with planned giving.

This is an easy quick read. No Flip CRUT trust complicated jib jab in Simplify. Just straight and easy to understand wording about an area of non-profit work that can yield tremendous revenue. Hand it to your Board of Directors or leave it behind as a way to explain what planned giving is about.

I personally enjoyed how the author tells his personal story of being called by a fellow planned giving officer from his alma mater and was thanked for his support over the years. By the end of the call and in a matter of days, he’d executed a planned gift. No lawyers or fancy contracts were needed, just a simple change of beneficiary to a retirement plan. Wow… a new gift that will grow as the donor lives on and it was simple. Even better was everyone felt good about this and as Tumolo explains, he eventually increased his planned giving because he was invested in the colleges future.”