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Relational Sales Training for Fundraisers

So much of effective fundraising comes down to picking up the phone, giving donors a compelling reason to visit, then developing a deep connection with those donors that leads to gifts that inspire and help the non-profit create a bigger impact.

Read and download the PDF (below) for more information on how focused sales training can help your organization.


Our programs are spread out over 9-12 months to allow you and your team to go into the field and practice what you have learned. We will be developing new habits. New habits take time to stick. Face-to-face training time is supplemented with check-in phone calls in between to debrief and help keep everyone focused and on track. Goals are set to establish a benchmark to help measure the efficacy of the program. These goals include:

  • Number of visits per month
  • Amount of phone calls per week/per month
  • Number of meaningful donor conversations
  • Number of asks made
  • Dollar amount of gifts closed
  • Number of planned giving conversations with donors
  • Number of new legacy society members added
  • Number of board members to make a planned gift commitment
  • Dollar amount of new planned giving commitments

Our programs are completely customized based on your fundraising priorities, skillsets of your fundraising team and your budget. All programs begin with an assessment of your current program and your team members to establish a baseline. Through a combination of group teaching, role-playing and individual coaching, we’ll work with your team to develop the confidence and the tools to have a major and planned giving conversation with anyone.

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