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``Much of what holds people back from pursuing planned giving is that they see it as something complicated, taking a lot of time, effort & resources. When I show fundraisers how a simple approach allows them to get in the game, and when they in turn show donors how easy it can be, things happen.`` - Joe Tumolo

Joe collaborates with Brian Sagrestano of Gift Planning Development to help non-profits take their planned giving programs to the next level.


Here’s our approach:

Rather than examining what individuals can do for your charity, clients get the best results with an approach based on donor-focused philanthropic planning. This approach involves asking donors what they want and need to accomplish for themselves, their families and their futures. It seeks out what is really important to them in their lives. It then asks how the charity can be integrated into their tax, estate and financial planning to help meet these goals. This approach works for major giving, planned giving and a combination of both.


Planned Giving  Essentials 

If your charity is ready to launch a new gift planning effort, Gift Planning Essentials provides the foundation for an effective gift planning program. Implemented over six to eight months, Gift Planning Essentials is ideal for small and mid-sized charities which do not want to hire a full-time gift planning professional but want to raise funds through bequests, retirement plan designations, life insurance and other legacy gifts. At the end of the program, your charity will have put in place the core infrastructure of a gift planning program, identified the best gift planning prospects, created an effective communications and marketing plan to reach those prospects, developed a stewardship program to maintain and enhance your stewardship of future gift donors and crafted a plan for sustainable program growth going forward. You will be able to offer endowment, bequest and beneficiary designation gifts in a confident way, with a plan for how to offer more complex gift plans in the future.

PG Coaching

If you have a program in place and want to accelerate the growth of the program, PG Coaching can help. We start with an assessment of your current program and where you would like to go. Together we’ll set goals, develop a strategy and implement a plan. The program is completely customized to your situation and can include: Ways to integrate planned giving into your current focus. Getting all your fundraisers confident in starting a planned giving conversation. Educating and inspiring your board to support and participate in your planned giving initiative. Increasing the membership in your planned giving society. Moving away from a solicitation approach towards a more consultative and discerning approach. Getting more out of your planned giving marketing efforts.

Assessment & Strategic Planning 

Gift planning assessment is a common tool used to enhance an existing gift planning program. The recent recession demonstrated the increased importance of building and maintaining endowments and pipelines of future gifts (such as bequests). This propelled more and more charities to invest significant resources in enhancing gift planning programs. Our assessments provide an in-depth analysis of current gift planning staff, marketing, activity levels, stewardship and administrative issues. We complete an extensive document review, interview staff from advancement and finance, and speak with board and heritage society members. Our final report includes a strategic plan, as well as a series of recommendations in order to improve and enhance the program, including industry best-practices. After completing an assessment or starting a new gift-planning program, we are available to assist you with the greatest challenge of all, implementing the steps outlined in the report and/or plan.

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