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Gift Planning Development, LLC

Joe works closely with Brian Sagrestano of Gift Planning Development, LLC. Joe is a disciple of Brian’s methodology and uses his approach to help charities build donor centered planned giving programs. The approach is to ask the donor what they want to accomplish for themselves, their family and the difference they want to make. Once that is determined, Brian and Joe teach fundraisers  to show the donor how they can do that and support their charity at the same time.

Gift Planning Development was founded to help charities, professional advisors and individuals develop integrated, collaborative, gift planning strategies. The group provides a full range of gift planning services that meet both the donors’ and the charities’ needs while creating both immediate and lasting benefits. These include:

  • Program Development
  • Gift Planning Marketing Assessments
  • Assessment & Strategic Planning
  • Training Services
  • Seminars
  • Board Presentations

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