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GO SEE PEOPLE: New Expanded Edition

Succeeding in today’s competitive and ever-changing fundraising environment requires a more strategic and relational approach. Donors have more options than ever and are increasingly more discerning. The difference between moderate growth in a program and significant growth often comes down to the relationships that donors have with a charity and its fundraisers. Go See People can transform the way you work and interact with donors and prospects, leading to stronger relationships and more gifts in the door.



GO SEE PEOPLE and have more meaningful donor relationships

Bring these ideas into your workplace with the GO SEE PEOPLE half-day WORKSHOP

Go See People

How do we maximize our time so we are spending it with the right donors? What does the “right” donor look like? How do we get in front of donors and start meaningful conversations? In this presentation, we’ll uncover the answers. We’ll explore specific ways to ascertain needs, be a better listener, develop stronger relationships, ask better questions and help donors get what they want!

This presentation focuses on THREE key areas that will give fundraisers and gift planning professionals that extra edge to improve their performance:

  1. Who to Visit
  2. Getting the Visit
  3. Making the most of the Visit

By the end of this session, the attendees will learn:

  1. Tools to guarantee more donor visits.
  2. Ideas to build stronger relationships and get better results.
  3. Systems to improve the outcomes of donor interactions.

Presentation Overview:

What are the characteristics of a successful fundraiser? How can you adopt some of those techniques? Successful fundraisers are not born. They do not “wing it.” They do not sit in their office waiting for the phone to ring. Successful fundraisers have a system, a process they follow to help them meet or exceed their goals. They visit with donors and are talking with them every day. Joe combines proven techniques, real examples and light humor to provide practical content that your attendees can immediately start applying to their fundraising. Balancing an in-depth knowledge of sales, communication and fundraising, Joe cites concrete ideas and tools every fundraiser should know. Here are some highlights:

  • Learn how to re-direct your focus so you can spend more time with donors. There is always time to call and visit donors.
  • Become a great salesperson. Joe will share proven sales disciplines that apply perfectly to fundraising.
  • Learn the specific language on what to say to get the visit and make the ask through role-playing and breakout sessions.
  • Learn how to create a plan for seeing people and how to maximize the time you spend with them.
  • Learn how to make calling donors and setting up a visit an enjoyable part of your job.
  • See how the best communicators are not good talkers, they are good listeners.
  • Find the story in our donors and tell those stories to others. Joe will discuss ideas to be a better storyteller.
  • See the value of always knowing what will happen next when interacting with others. It takes all the guesswork out of life!

This is Joe’s most popular topic. There is no one out there that presents like he does.

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