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Are you so busy facing all of today’s work demands that all you can do some days is stick your hand out and “collect?” You might be in trouble.

As many who travel the nation’s roadways know, the folks that collect tolls are quickly vanishing, being replaced by these:


So again, be honest and ask yourself this simple question: “Am I a toll collector?


Do I keep busy by relying on people to bring in money? Do I wait for Major Gift Officers to bring in Planned Giving opportunities?

How many times a day do I pick up the phone to initiate a new gift planning opportunity?

Yes, today’s fundraisers are under more pressure than ever before. Staffs are smaller, while expectations continue to grow. But making time for outreach and initiating connections are far too important to ignore. I created this metaphor to remind myself that no matter how busy I get I cannot rely on money coming to me.

I must look for new donors every day in an effort to keep the fundraising pipeline full. To do that effectively I need to do several things:

• Write a goal for how many donors I am going to call each day.

• Commit myself to making or exceeding that goal no matter what it takes.

• Learn how to say “NO!” to distractions without feeling guilty.

• Remember that many of my loyal donors are looking for creative ways to support my charity.

Don’t just collect the cash and drive on by.

We are doing our loyal donors a disservice if we are not out there showing the love, giving them creative ways to support us and thanking them over and over again. As relationship-builders, it is on us to foster that trust, strengthen those bonds and ensure that the road ahead remains smooth for years to come.

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Why Joe?

For more than eleven years, Joe has worked with hundreds of charities of all shapes and sizes. Two of Joe’s greatest value propositions are:

1) A simple approach to Planned Giving. Many charities want to start a Planned Giving Program but see it as an overwhelming, out-of-reach proposition that requires too many resources. Joe shows fundraisers and donors how easy it is to make a Planned Gift.

2) A more strategic approach to working with donors. Joe teaches his clients how to combine relational selling with fundraising.

Joe’s proven process gets his clients measurable results in a short amount of time. Joe has a deep passion for the work he does (and for Tye, his rescue dog and mascot) (pictured), and is committed to ensuring that his clients are successful. Clients love "Coach Joe" because he keeps them focused and energized and he is always available to brain-storm and strategize about donor opportunities.
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