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In this brand new podcast, Joe delves into his bag of tips and tricks and divulges his simple plan for planned giving.


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I was reading from an old spiritual book this morning and came across a great section on public speaking. It seemed so out of context from the rest of the book that I had to dig in.

What I found were some very relevant and helpful tips on delivering a better presentation.

The book is called “Leaves of Gold” and the piece is from Walter Robinson.

Here are my favorite points:

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Never take your eye off the prize. What you want, wants you. Just keep showing up with intention, kindness and add value. It works for Tye. He keeps showing up at the stove and somehow, despite 2 hearty meals a day, gets more than he needs.


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Join Joe as he talks capital campaigns with one of the fundraising world’s thought leaders, Andrea Kihlstedt.

Kihlsted is the president of Capital Campaign Masters, a website chock full of resources designed to assist fundraisers in their capital campaign efforts. She also co-founded Asking Matters, the on-line resource that provides a free assessment of your Asking Style. She has been a fundraising consultant for more than thirty years and is a graduate of the Fellows Program in Change Management at Johns Hopkins, as well as a student and instructor at the Gestalt International Study Center.


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So you’re interested in changing the world. I can relate.

As a fundraiser, the job I – and those I consult with – do is one that can alter the trajectory of people’s lives. A gift to a healthcare not-for profit might be the thing that pushes a researcher ever closer to unlocking a cure to a childhood illness or a new way to combat a degenerative condition that impacts thousands. These are the tangible results of all our hard work – to further the missions of the organizations that need us in order to get the job done. It can be incremental change, but it’s the kind of impact that beckons hundreds to our profession.

So in response to a recent request I received from someone seeking a new position in fundraising, I humbly offer you a few words of advise. These tips will not only help you land that job, but taking them to heart will make you an even better fundraiser.

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Some food for thought from my latest book, Simplify.

I am sitting in a car dealership getting my 10 year old car fixed (again). It’s early, so there are no customers in the place. I am sitting at an empty desk in the showroom. Sales people keep walking by me, no hello, no eye contact. They are just standing around talking to each other.

And I think to myself: Why doesn’t one of them come up to me and make an introduction? Who knows, I could be their next sale. My point is not to make them wrong. My point is let it serve as a reminder to us all that sometimes our next sale or our next gift is right there in front of us. Anyone can be a prospect. So few people are asked personally for a gift.

When was the last time a fundraiser personally asked you for a gift? Remember: So much success is achieved by showing up and following up.


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Want better results?

Start with being conscious of 1) HOW you are spending your time and; 2) WHO you are spending it with. To illustrate this simple axiom, we can look to a bug that takes the phrase “seize the day” quite literally.

There is a great short story from author John Michalak. John mediates on the abrupt lifecycle of the Mayfly. The Mayfly is an aquatic insect that develops for an extra long time and hatches as a fully formed adult nearly a year later (not necessarily in May as their name implies).

But here’s the sad truth: Once these Mayfly adults hatch, they proceed to live life in warp speed: They find a mate, lay eggs and die. All in the same short day. That’s it. These long incubating insects simply hatch, live and die ALL in just one day. We may think of this abbreviated lifespan as sad and tragic. After all, they spend nearly 12 months developing only to get a tiny fraction of that time back in life.

But what makes Michalak’s assertion so powerful is the question he poses: What if the Mayfly’s life isn’t so tragic?

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davidToll2 (1)How can you count a gift? Let us count the ways.

Whether you’re talking about stock gifts, in-kind donations or other more complex vehicles, gift counting can be daunting. In this podcast, Joe and David J. Toll, JD, Senior Associate Vice President Gift Planning, Institutional Advancement at Drexel University, talk in hypotheticals to get at some hard and fast truths


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davidToll2 (1)There is a “bottom line” nature to fundraising that can sometimes place many practitioners in some ethically murky waters.

IN THIS PODCAST, Joe sits down with David J. Toll, JD, Senior Associate Vice President Gift Planning, Institutional Advancement at Drexel University, for a discussion on the intersection of ethics and fundraising. Does the age and faculty of a donor matter when closing a gift? Are there times when you should turn down a bequest? With decades of experience and an ease of explanation, Toll helps us navigate these fundraising grey areas, ensuring your planned giving efforts are always on the up-and-up.



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In baseball, as in life, we’re often reacting to the game as opposed to letting the game come to us.

In this podcast, Joe sits down with Dan Sher, an integrated marketing consultant and owner of Shared Vision Media, for a wide ranging discussion on how marketing and fundraising are intertwined, how you can create the perfect “pitch” through meaningful listening and much more.

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2) A more strategic approach to working with donors. Joe teaches his clients how to combine relational selling with fundraising.

Joe’s proven process gets his clients measurable results in a short amount of time. Joe has a deep passion for the work he does (and for Tye, his rescue dog and mascot) (pictured), and is committed to ensuring that his clients are successful. Clients love "Coach Joe" because he keeps them focused and energized and he is always available to brain-storm and strategize about donor opportunities.
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