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The TED Talk Organization and its presenters teach us so much about communicating with our donors. One thing that really sticks with me is the fact that their presenters only have eighteen minutes to speak. Why do we feel as though the more we write, the more we speak, the better our message? In this day of short attention spans and information overload, our messages have to be brief but powerful.

How do we get people’s attention quickly? 

Imagine, God forbid, you were approached on a dark street by a man who looked like he wanted to hurt you. What do you notice first? You are not thinking, “Wow, that’s a nice shirt he is wearing!” You are thinking, “How do I get away from this guy as quickly as possible?”

Our messages should impact our audience just as quickly. Messages like: “How do I introduce myself to a donor at an event?” “What is my case for support?” and “What are the reason donors should support my charity?”

Twitter allows for a maximum of 140 characters. Can you Tweet your message?

Here is my message in 137 characters:

“Too many fundraisers put Planned Giving on the back-burner. I help them get more intentional and generate more Planned Giving activity.”

You can check the length of your message at www.lettercount.com.

So before this blog gets too lengthy–remember to check your word count! All the best in your work!

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Why Joe?

For more than eleven years, Joe has worked with hundreds of charities of all shapes and sizes. Two of Joe’s greatest value propositions are:

1) A simple approach to Planned Giving. Many charities want to start a Planned Giving Program but see it as an overwhelming, out-of-reach proposition that requires too many resources. Joe shows fundraisers and donors how easy it is to make a Planned Gift.

2) A more strategic approach to working with donors. Joe teaches his clients how to combine relational selling with fundraising.

Joe’s proven process gets his clients measurable results in a short amount of time. Joe has a deep passion for the work he does (and for Tye, his rescue dog and mascot) (pictured), and is committed to ensuring that his clients are successful. Clients love "Coach Joe" because he keeps them focused and energized and he is always available to brain-storm and strategize about donor opportunities.
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